Aronia Berries

Size: 100 g

Why you'll love it

  • Traditionally used in herbal medicine as a natural remedy.
  • Aronia berries are a source of iron, vitamins C and E, thiamin, copper and fiber.
  • An excellent source of anthocyanins, the antioxidant flavanoids that are responsible for their deep purple pigment.
  • Skin nourishing.
  • Handpicked and naturally dried.
  • No fillers, flavours, additives, preservatives, dyes, sulfites, oils, juice concentrates or added sugars.
  • 100% pure, dried whole aronia berries

How to use it

  • Ready to eat right out of the bag.
  • Perfect for baking.
  • Add it to your oatmeal for a boost of antioxidants.


organic dried aronia berries